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let >> please pardon the delay. >> this iphone 5 delay. >> it seems like so much more fun to wait in line it thought that it would be a blast to wait in line. >> do you think that this would live up to expectations? >> probably not! [laughter] it is still just a phone we
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have been in line for 72 hours. >> this is sleek, modern. >> the people see this as not much of a sacrifice all. >> it is apple. they always come out with revolutionary products. >> weather in the front of the line or back of the line if they are guaranteed to get the phone. couple of cups of coffee they will have the iphone 5. in palo alto, kron 4. >> a federal appeals court in san francisco upheld a $9.5 million settlement for privacy invasion. the facebook advertising program is at question. posting notices on user profiles relating to any of their commerce transactions. customers were identified through cookies on the websites.
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>> wal-mart needs to stop targeting merchandising choices. however, this could potentially hurt amazon with wal-mart not offering the amazonm kindle
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the unwelcome back. this 11 year-old boy was shot after --welcome back. we first told you about this and we will hear from the family in a moment. first, haazig madyun we have the latest on the investigation. >> investigators in oakland at police has court headquarters are trying to
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figure out a motive that is seriously injured and 11 year-old that was sleeping in bed when multiple plots the multiple bullets. --or was this house targeted? that is what investigators are targeted and why is this home targeted? regarding what happened. men in oakland haazig madyun. >> kron 4 was allowed access into the home. look hope with bt holes. into the walls. >> take a look at these bullet holes penetrating the home. there were nine people inside. the parents, siblings, uncles and grandmother. most of them whorf asleep. these large
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holes the grandmother, the mother, the baby also sleeps here. the bullets are traveling in this direction. and they traveled to this particular wall. on the other side of that wall he stays with his 16 year-old brother. the 11 year-old sleeps right here. >> if there was blood. >> the mother says that she woke up to find her bedroom filled with plaster dust from the bullet holes. >> everybody started screaming. calling the police. >> the sixth grader is expected to spend the next three days in intensive care at oakland children's hospital. >> one last question to you have any idea who would do this? >> grant lotus, kron 4 news. >> this elderly woman was hurt in san there rafael. an
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elderly woman is injured after a car went out of downtown san rafael thursday. >> the family of the missing san jose man could have been the retired firefighter was been seen since late
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last medication appeared was on towards montreal. his>> we think that he got disoriented on the train. something terrible happened. him home. perhaps he got off the train to get a cigarette and never got back on. five holes to, from rochester are concerned about to who in waste if if also, since 1/2 there could be for construction delays at sfo. we will break from the news and let us get over to the weather. >> good morning. >> good morning with mostly clear skies. a little bit chilly but for this afternoon it will be chilly and warm compared to yesterday. it will be warmer on saturday and crouch will cool--gradually cooling. by
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9:00 a.m., 60s. and for lunch hour, a mixture of 60s, 70's, 80's and even those could be more widespread for the after noon. with mostly upper 70's through cupertino. and 80 with 78 in san leandro. 80s in concord, pittsburgh, livermore, and 80s expected in walnut creek. and about low 60s for ocean beach and 60s for daily city. 80s in santa rosa. 80s in napa. if you are going to the giants game? 50s. mild. parisi. those 80s will continue and a gradual cooling on sunday.
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4:20. >> good morning. as we are looking at not much that could potentially be a problem. the bay bridge approach is nice and easy. aha from all three areas, there are no wait at the pay gates. smooth conditions going towards treasure island. a pretty quiet day. the san mateo bridge no problems. foster city. the golden gate. the southbound is pretty easy and lingering road work for those going to the northbound direction. and on our traffic maps there is plenty of green on your screen. northbound between broadway and we do have some overnight construction to contend with. shutting down three lanes until 5:00 a.m.
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west on 580 is a little bit slower going over the zero altamont pass. the speed is averaging 35 m.p.h. and also with the c h p, no accidents reported. the drive time is just 22 minutes towards san francisco from >> friends, family gathered yesterday for the funeral of one of the men killed in the attack on the u.s. as consulate in libya. tyrone woods was part of a private security when that attack happened on september 11th. the former navy seal was killed. the anti-muslim and filmed anchored protesters. >> the accuracy of that film will continue to fight to get you tube to fight the trailer. yesterday the judge denied the request for that movie to be removed. you can see that she was insisted that she was duped into making the movie. she
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received even death threats since the movie has been released on you tube. still ahead, san francisco is topping the list from " travel & leisure " magazine. we will be back. been seen since late last seen wandering around that
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the >> welcome back his 4:24 the readers of travel and leisure are calling it san francisco one of the dirtiest cities. maureen kelly found out why. through the tenderloin district. >> this is a prime example of how grungy san francisco can be cured this old mattress pad is next to a couple of trash bags on the corner of this street. a few doors down of the water looks like trash soup. with floating items. and at least those pigeons are trying to
4:26 am
clean things up i saw quite a few empty hall and the-- alcohol containers but the smells of overwhelming odor. it is so gross i blurt it out. but that white thing is a sock. that dog did not have anything to do with that. and evidence of a trash can that has spilled but it is grimy. and over here is the dried up unknown items. to be fair i did see a few people like this guy hard at work sweeping the sidewalks. this city is spending $32 million in cleanup costs. that does not include this guy's a salary that was paid by one of the neighborhood businesses improvement funds. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >> the top cities from
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travel and leisure magazine in new york is number one. new orleans, baltimore, los angeles, no. 4 court. you have it. and other bay area cities have been the richest would san jose. and it is worth over $75,000 median house income. new data from the census bureau. and san francisco was the second largest income of $70,000 per income. stay here for more kron 4 in the morning news. all eyes will be towards the nasa shuttle endeavor over the bay area. we will show you when, where you can watch it as it makes its paoff debut. and also, the mitt romney/obama trips to the upcoming bay area. coming up. fan
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>> last night according to witnesses vandals broke inside and road inside of this building. as the reeling of 17th. the round 17th street. the park had to be closed at 11:00 p.m. this shooting enraged those protesters was last night around 8:00 p.m. with two plainclothes officers from the gang task force were working in the spotted who they thought were gang members. one of the officers attempted to talk to the suspect. one of the suspects took off. while running, he pointed that gun at the officers and then they opened fire at each other. the strok strik-the strike
4:31 am
the-alleged shooter. >> during the pursuit, he was shot. and he turned towards the officer at that time the officers ordered the suspect to drop the weapon. he began to raise the weapon towards the officer. the officer fired two shots. and he was struck by gunfire. he was transported to the hospital. and is described as a non- life threatening injuries a hospital. >> so far, no rests in the demonstrations were over but shortly before midnight. it is described as a semi- automatic handgun with 25 rounds of ammunition. weather, traffic. janu? >> good morning. >> good morning. this
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morning, we will see plenty of warm conditions. that fog will slowly warm and and mostly clear skies this evening showing some patchy fog along the coast. some patchy fog along the inland valleys also bought by 10:00 a.m., mostly clear skies. however, it should be clear. relief, for the overnight 70's to los gatos, and '80s and evergreen. 78 degrees expected in the san jose with more 80s along the delta. 80s in pleasanton. and about 61 degrees in ocean beach. 60s with '60s
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and '70s for the north bay. good morning, we are looking at these and conditions right now. and no meter lights no metering lights at the pay gates. and the san mateo bridge, westbound, east bound looking smoot. only 13 minutes with no problems at the 92/1 0 1 interchange. the golden gate also shown light conditions with plenty of space between cars but we still have some construction to deal with at the golden gate toll plaza and walpole. the roadways sensor speed sensors are
4:34 am
showing near coyote valley. and interstate 280 is also smooth & easy to cupertino. as return our attention to the east bay. westbound car when no. 4 is looking decent. no. 24, top speeds through the tunnel and the macarthur maze. usually one of the first slow areas is the macarthur maze but it is looking decent with no accidents to report. >> thank you. >> a big store that many people are talking about. the space shuttle endeavor. it is making its last flight to los angeles and its final resting spot towards the museum. it will take off from edwards air force base 8:3:00 p.m. about one hour later than the originally scheduled. they're hoping that perhaps that fog will burn off around 9:30. phfft we can expect that show
4:35 am
to see near moffett field. before going to los angeles. that excitement is building! as the final historic flight will be in the air. at moffett the view, the carmack was cleared yesterday for thousands of spectators. the tarmac was cleared yesterday-- >> and also as a special tribute honoring in de endeavor--astronauts will be in attendance. and here are some of the best spots to attend it. the science center in oakla oakland hell. however, they're offering tickets. space is limited. and the berkeley marina, fisherman's wharf, sausalito, chrisy field. anywhere where you can get close to the water. endeavor is going to be over the golden gate and the bay bridge circling the area.
4:36 am
and if the fog is not that bad beautiful from marin. and from moffett field the view locations are also recommended but at coyote point at san francisco, the balance, the nature belly, palo alto, and also moffett field or the will have that big festivity. the moffett field. -- the ceremony is open for the first 5000 people cured double check. and of course, you can watch the shuttle here live. we have cameras all over the bay area. as if it makes its way around the bay. presidential candidates. they are bound for california. and today, a gop candidate, mitt romney will be at a fund-raiser at strawberry hill. the the thousand dollars per plate.
4:37 am
and president obama is also returning to san francisco for a fund raiser. the october 8th visit will be his fourth visit in the bay. since the month of may. >> the president, mitt romney are looking for votes in critical swing states. if you thought that controversy over those comments were over? think again, catherine heenan has more. >>catherine: the big test is not surprising is immigration. the president obama visit included difficult questions about a 20 08 promised to tackle immigration reform. promise is a promise. and with all due respect he did not keep that promise. >> i did not keep that promise that i would get everything done 100 percent when i was elected president. i promised i would work every single day every day that i can to make sure that everybody in this country, regardless of who they are, with a look-alike,
4:38 am
where they come from would have a fair shot at the american dream. >>catherine: mitt romney spoke at the same form saying that his is about being 100 percent america with the secretly taped comments at a fund-raiser in florida. seemingly dismissing the 47 percent that do not pickaxes. while in florida, he tried to get back into the groove. >> when it comes to the autonomy, the president has already flown and the white flight as surrender what he gets an incomplete. as you understand you have to take that course over again. >>catherine: it is the difficult couple of weeks for mitt romney and now is losing a co-chair. minnesota gov., a tamil polenta is leaving that lobbying group. there are now planting a planning-a strategy for the upcoming debates. and the
4:39 am
mid from the camp is making sure that their candidate has a lot of practice. mitt romney was grilled by his aides and five of mock debates in just 48 hours. catherine heenan, kron 4 news. >> we will take a break 4:30 8:00 a.m. and as we take a look we of a beautiful shot from the marin headlands. jackie. a wonderful view of the golden gate. with a san francisco in the background it will be a beautiful vantage point.
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@p@p o' >> american airlines pilots
4:42 am
are picketing outside of chicago airport. with new contract disputes. unhappy pilots are calling in sick and filing more maintenance reports. 300 flag for cancelled this week and want%-2% will be cut between now and the end of october. that is about their estimate. >> two months after the theater massacre a makeshift memorial has been dismantled. city workers took away the and memorabilia. this was boxed and labeled by the history museum in of ra. survivors will have access to these items in a secure location. 58 injured, 12 people were killed on july. >> the gunman, james holmes
4:43 am
is back in court. the sheriff's department has released a mog shot. you can see his hair is short. the orange color is gone. with more charges and added. he is already facing 142. and he will have possible access to eight notebook that the --the possibility of access for the prosecutors could seek the notebook. >> microwave popcorn cost is respiratory illness as popcorn lung. watson the diagnosed him with bronchial condition. basically, getting hair, a difficult. they concluded that it was difficult from
4:44 am
the fumes that were released when he was microwaving his popcorn. what's and sued the company. the chemical and question is no longer used and pop corn production. he had that about two bags per day! and let us give aid live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is light. we will be back.
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now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> some people are really brazen. they will just dump these items in the street if you do not stop them, there will do it. >> take a look of this small
4:47 am
business owners and residents are saying enough is enough. they are tired of being dumped on daily. take a look at this pickup truck. the driver asked me where the dump was and keep in mind there is no dump around and the vehicle is registered in the san paolo. oakland is a beautiful city but items like this can make people's perspective, change. something else, this is an element of vehicle they are out here because this trash atre mice and rodents. attractions--if the illegal dumping is on your property you are responsible. however, if the stress is on the city streets you have to get the city notified a as a pea. and the garbage over soon remains. --notify the city as soon as possible. but i want you to keep calling and calling as somebody could
4:48 am
finally got the message. nobody should have to live like this. if i catch anybody in the process. and i guarantee that if i see anybody that is going to illegally dump? i will guarantee that your face will be on television. reporting from oakland, stanley roberts, kron 4. >> it has been one a year since the battle tigers have join to the residents of the existing bingo pikers. --where these tigers ankle tigers. they are used for feeding and these bagel typ fairbanks gul ben parcel tax from these bengel tigers. as we have acquired these from a rescue situations we have had to
4:49 am
adapt, adjust our space. for more tigers, the more space that we need. we're not just the city of oakland zoo we are used by the entire county. we are asking the county to ask and help with our animal care needs. we would like to continue to provide the excellent care that we do. and that takes money. we cannot ask one city to support this facility when we are used throughout the county. >> alameda county voters are being asked to vote on measure a-one. adding $12 to the residential parcel tax. let us check out the weather with john to. with the endeavor coming is fog going to be an issue--janu? we're expecting clear skies. good morning. and clear skies with me in the '70s, '80s this afternoon and warm on saturday.
4:50 am
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>> good morning. the san mateo bridge is also smooth in both directions on highway 92 getting no problems through the nimitz. as we take a look at the golden gate. so far, clear conditions would not have any heavy fog or low-lying fog for that matter. through marin county, top speeds no incidences. and on our traffic maps westbound 580 is starting to slow down ever so slightly. on/off to the altamont pass. the color
4:52 am
is indicating 45 m.p.h. indicated by the yellow. still, quiet right to the south bay. and at the same on interstate 280. it looks like northbound 85 is pretty easy going towards cupertino. as for public transit is looks like it is decent with no delays. ac, bart, transplan-4 ac transit. -e magic number is 3 that as how they need to make the playoffs. after that sweep with help from some of all fat victories with sandoval and buster posy and knocked one out of the park! left- center. i love watching the highlights the dodgers lost. they could end this on
4:53 am
saturday, the a' scored it avoided that sweep in detroit yesterday. and set smashed. a double. and 12-4. the a's will start against the yankees tonight. we are going to take a break. 4:52 let us take a look at a beautiful vantage point set up with anticipating the endeavor. probably around 9:30 a.m. and just by going outside to in to kron 4 with coverage all over the bay area. as its historic last flight before the museum and a southern california
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>> welcome back with the
4:56 am
latest on top news pop news. >> some comments made by paris held and are causing a stir. the new york cabdriver said that she was apparently ga riding apparentlyy model offers discreet connections with cavemen. and she said that most of those-- gay men.. could probably have aids.. however, she did not mean to be derogatory toward the emeline's chief loha-lindsae into a hotel parking lot. the nypd says the the alleged victim was standing in front of the vehicle. the
4:57 am
person moved to the side in this letter seen walking. the attorney denies the claim. was later seen walking. and there was apparent that there was no accident. jessica simpson posted her new child, of maxwell. she said that last year, maxwell was inside my belly and now she is in my arms. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news a big day for apple. kron on sale. how long people have been waiting in stores. and all eyes on the skies with endeavor making its way. watching with live coverage. and protests in san francisco with an officer involved shooting. the condition of the suspect and why those shots started in
4:58 am
the first place.
4:59 am
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(male announer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. the top stories that we are following, the endeavor is going to be over the bay area! will be tracking its path all day. and the big day for the iphone users. officially on sale and in stores. just three hours from now. however, on the east coast take a look. they are opening doors at new york city! we will hear from people in the palo alto store waiting. below rioting last night after police shot a suspect with a forke puron foot--a foot pursuit
5:01 am
white officers opened fire in the first place. weather & traffic? janu? >> good morning, james. we will see warmer conditions today with more 80s and mostly clear for this evening. and the fog tracker 4 showing just patchy fog and for the north bay and the inland valleys and down the peninsula. however, it is expected to clear quickly. clear skies and it should remain clear for the afternoon. and for the afternoon hours just clear skies throughout the day. temperatures will be in the mid '50s. 50 degrees in oakland. 56 in concord. and as we check, 43 degrees in santa rosa. through livermore it is going to be a really nice day. mid-70s in redwood city. and also low 80s in evergreen. and
5:02 am
for the east bay inland. 80s. and a quick trek with traffic with iraq,. >> good morning, nice and easy. ericka--a quick commute check shows the east bay freeways and the south- bay and the peninsula, the bayshore, looking decent. >> get ready to look at something amazing. the endeavor is making its way towards california law and should be over the bay. this morning. it will take off from edwards air force base at 8:00 a.m. will tran is at the moffett field. we are wanting to time this out. perhaps people can see this on their morning commute? >> it could be low. just like the blue angels. however, it is going to be difficult i just spoke with
5:03 am
the moffett field center. there is not a schedule on where they will be at a certain times. we will have to state to end. the gates will be open to the public. the what-stay tuned. however, there are encouraging that there is going to be plenty of fun. it is projected to fly low and it is advised to take public transportation. here is some history about endeavor. some of bullet points. with history. and its first debuted in 1992. it has gone on 25 space missions and if retired just the last couple of years. now, we are going further into space and we need more power. and i can say that while endeavor was still in operation, it logged 123
5:04 am
million mi.! and it circled the earth 47 times. with reaction at the space center and moffett field it should be great with a lot of fun. i have my camera ready. the funny thing is that walland i think that perception could be perfect. however,-- waldo. >> just for people that are just joining us and if the want to take the children out there can people just go out there with admission free? >> yes it is free admission. however, public transportation is encouraged. i will find a more locations were you are able to see this from a public transportation. however, this is high security. there are certain locations there are better than possibly others. and i will try to find out more specific locations. >> okay.. and what a great learning experience for
5:05 am
children. that is a great thing, thank you. we will keep you posted all morning long. and here are some of the best places to watch endeavor. if you are not near the television? in addition, you can go to this space center. in oakland hills. they are going to be opening early. and the berkeley marino would also be a good spot. and how about fishermans wharf? so so little, the berkeley- reno marinea and also over the golden gate and sausalito and chrisy field. just try to wait and see what the best spot would to be but it will go down towards the peninsula. coyote point is
5:06 am
recommended by nasa. the nature valley resort is another recommended spot and will continue our live coverage from moffett field. the big party, the viewing party. so, we require to be taking a look at that. and they say 5000 is the capacity. >> they have issued tickets. , at the door? >> i have heard that they are going to be issued tickets and they only had a very little amount left. so called, first. to make sure that. >> camped out with the children at other locations. >> you can camp out, you can see it and also the iphone 5 debut. look at these people in new-york city. this is a live shot. the doors are opening in new york. people
5:07 am
are slowly making their. they have been waiting for some of them over one week! they have been camping day after day. and they are expected to open those doors at 8:00 a.m. and as they continue. the bay area, we are about three days away from the iphone 5. --three hours away. --and also, this university palo alto store is saying that it is worth the wait. >> is apple! they always have the greatest products. >> in this sleek. it looks nice with a lot of great pupapps. >> i wanted to get it first. >> we will see how many they will have in stock. >> rioters surrounded this
5:08 am
structure after this police involved shooting. vandals wrote the word " killers " on the wall at the police station. at 600 valencia's street. 10:30 there were yelling obscenities and walking down 17th street, 18th street. the bart plaza was closed around 11:00 p.m. and that shooting was around 8:00 p.m. that was in the 200 block of 14th street. inclosed officers from the getting test scores were working in the office. a wind--two plainclothes officers. attempted to talk to one of the men. and no arrests have been made but one of the men took off on foot. we will be back.
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>> the funeral of one of the man was killed in the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. 41 year-old tyrone woods was killed on september 11th. the former navy seal was just one of four people, killed. demonstrators for anchorework-ay about a film that mocked the prohpet mohanmmed... delays expected at s f o construction coming up. [ female announcer ] now your best accessory can be your smile.
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>> in san francisco this is the second best house in the country. we are looking for two is bled the decision this weekend. it will actually be sunday this weekend. there is minimum fog this morning. it will be
5:17 am
mostly clear this evening. by 10:00 a.m. it will remain clear throughout the after know. it will be early morning tomorrow that will creek bandby noontime we will se about 70 degrees. as we go into the afternoon we will take a lo at the number for those of you headed to
5:18 am
the giants game the first pitch will be about 7:00 p.m.. it will be mostly clear and a bit breezy. we will see a piece tomorrow and then upper '80s on sunday. mid 60s for the bay. that was sure whether let's take a look at the traffic with erica. >> as we take a look at bay area traffic we are not tracking any problem spots. we are getting a bit busy because most of the traffic coming from interstate 80. at the san mateo b busy in the t bound area. gone on gate
5:19 am
bridge they have reconfigured the lanes. northbound 101 has a nice ride. for interstate 280 however we will see a bit of delays during the 10:00 hour. southbound 101 in the north bay is 22 minutes into san francisco. let's turn our attention to west pal 94 >> san francisco is thinking of starting parking
5:20 am
restrictions. the board is looking to take up a proposal that will make a typical 05 for vehicles to park in certain areas. residents have complained about sanitation problems because the people living outside of their vehicles. let's take a look at a scene where a water line broke loose. when the crews got there around 1:00 p.m. it had shut down both lanes of broad more. we will have to check to see if this is still a problem this morning. >> be prepared for possibilities at the airport. this will be the second time that they are
5:21 am
shutting down the main runway. they are installing new runway lights. the shutdown starts at 10:00 p.m. and it will reopen on monday morning at 8:00 a.m.. please call a heahead. american airlines pilots are ticpicketing because of cuts to their paychecks. pilots are unhappy and they are calling in sick in record numbers. more than 300 flights were canceled this weekend. >> still ahead on kron 4
5:22 am
news people are in line at the apple store waiting period will give you more details later. we will be right back.
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
>> they say they will raise money for cancer research. for 600 lbs. a pll
5:26 am
the pali.ate welcome back. there blackberry states said they will be fixing a problem. it brings back unpleasant memories of the metals and left blackberry
5:27 am
usewith wal-mart has joined others in stopping the sale of the candle at their stores. amazon was not going to give them a cheap price to sell that. amazon has just unveiled their of candles. new kubeline of the. the new how best movie is an unexpected journey that
5:28 am
will come out in december at movie theaters. the high bid day celebration will finish up tomorrow. >> 5:27 a.m. is the time we are looking live at the bridge. one of the places that you can get a new glimpse of the shuttle. everybody will be able to see how cool it is before it retires. this is a beautiful shot and there is no fault retires. this is a beautiful shot and there is no fault in sight. the savings really stack up during sleep train's retires. this is a beautiful shot and there is no fault in sight. inventory clearance sale. save 10%, 20%, even 35% on a huge selection of simmons and sealy clearance mattresses. get 2 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. even get free delivery! sleep train stacks the savings high to keep the prices low.
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5:31 am
>> we are expecting clear skies the temperature is now low 50s through san jose. low '40's in san rosa. a i would tell you where the temperatures are going to be. it is a pretty ride in the traffic center. a quicker commute does show that the conditions are good on the peninsula. we do not have any errors 4101. it >> the space shuttle endeavor is scheduled to takeoff about a 3:00 p.m.. it will then head over to the bay area. you probably
5:32 am
have one of the most vintage pitchers of the shuttle. this will be a great location already the parking lot is already full with people. people from all over the state and the bay area are showing up to see. people are coming from all over and there was a license plate from oregon, sacramento waiting to take a snapshot of the endeavor. a lot of people say that this says a good experience. this is one of the best locations. i am interested
5:33 am
in space in general. this will be a piece of technology that is expiring. this is my last time to see this before that happens. san francisco and the background paris iat the bridgeo fog here. the more when haviland's wilyou can see theree people waiting out here and the parking lot is full. if you are interested in watching you probably should get up and get out to a spot before time. this
5:34 am
will be coming in at about 1,500 ft.. this will be lower than sutro tower. the towers are a little over 800 ft.. so you are looking at about a little bit above the towers but it will be low and slow. it will be a spectacular sight to see. the marin headlands we're still four hours away from the event taking place. >> we will be providing a camera all over the bay area anticipating the shuttle endeavor. if you would like to got to watch
5:35 am
the shuttle to a place you can go to a lot of areas and the bay area. the shuttle will be coming from the sacramento area so it will fly over the delta area. you may be able to get a shot from hayward. it will come down the peninsula and you may be able to get a good shot from there. as the shuttle hits down the peninsula toward palo alto the valance preserve and the moffett field. they have about five slots with seats available. a lot of people that work at the nasa research center played a big part in this. that will head down to southern california
5:36 am
later. we will have a live cover of the shuttle if you're not able to catch it in person. we are looking for about 930 to 10:00 a.m. when the endeavor should arrive. if you can't we just or talk to us on facebook. you can take a snapshot and send it to us on facebook. >> is 5:36 a.m. and rioters are surrounding a police station after a police officer shot the suspect last night. here is facing as the officers are outside trying to protect the station. someone wrote killers on the outside of the building. writers were yelling obscenities as they picketed outside. the bart no need plaza at 16 street
5:37 am
was closed at 11:00 p.m. last night the shooting that had everyone ups said was reported around 8:00 p.m. last night. police say that too plain clothes police officers were working in the area and they spotted what they thought were gang members and when they tried to talk to them one of them took off started running and while running the suspect pulled a gun and pointed at the officer and then the officer shot the suspect because he feared for his life. there have been no arrests made. the one suspect was shot and the other suspects was injured in . the officers identified the gun as a tech nine. we will not take a break.
5:38 am
>> the iphone 5 takes place within a few minutes a lot of stores are set to open their stores and a few minutes we will be back in a moment with more iphone coverage. the new color changing candle from air wick, brings light and fragrance together,
5:39 am
to create a mesmerizing experience in your home. try the new color changing candle. something in the air wick.
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>> welcome back. waned watson had a problem with breathing. he stated that it was due to him microwaving popcorn. he stated that he at about two legs of microwave popcorn. a recently discovered government report stated that soft drink would still be safe to drink even after a new killer disaster. the
5:42 am
bottles were found to be radio act of but everything inside of the bottle was still safe.. still ahead we will have more on the games when we continue. >>
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>> welcome back. it is hard to tell whether the gentleman was hit or not. he stated that lindsey lohan is car hit his car and took his knee. he stated that she got out of her car and went inside a building. she was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident. witnesses are saying that the guy did not fall down. maybe lindsey is the target for things like this. and she is in danger of
5:58 am
violation of her probation. >> we're still tracking endeavor. we will be telling you where you can get a good look at it when it flies around here in a bid. the iphone 5 is set t iphone 5 is se released at a o'clock a. >>
5:59 am

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